Friday, April 17, 2009

New stock and some you may have missed.

Hey kids,

It's been a while.
Here's some new things at the store.

Mississippi stuff is really limited, so get in quick.

The Stumps – Live at Happy Bar September 1st 2007 CD-R (Pseudo Arcana) $18 NZ

Supergroup features A.Milton (PSEUDO ARCANA, too many great bands to mention), James

Kirk (Sandoz Lab Technicians), and Sephen Clover (AKA Seht)

Sun of the Seventh Sister – Old Dust of Absent Wars CD-R (Seedy-R) $16 From NZ tour of 07!

Futurians – Robots in Disguise CD-R (Seedy-R) $16

Peter Wright – Unvarnished, Untreated, Unzipped CD-R (Seedy-R) $16

Matthew Nidek and Anthony Guerra – “NB” CD-R (Seedy-R) $16

SunnO))) – The Grimmrobe demos CD (Southern Lord) $18

SunnO))) – White1 CD (Southern Lord) $20

Oren Ambarchi & Martin Ng – Vigil CD (Quecksilber) $15

Stasis Duo – Hammer&Tongs CD (Impermanent Recordings) $25 Debut from this heavy duo
featuring Matt Earl from xNoBBQx, Breakdance the Dawn Label and Adam Sussman. From 2002.

Joel Stern and Anthony Guerra – Stitch CD (Impermanent Recordings) $25

Peter Blamey – Salted Felt CD (Impermanent Recordings) $25

Brett Larner /Toshimaru Nakamura – After School Activity CD (Impermanent Recordings) $25

Arek Gulbenkoglu – Points alone CD (Impermanent Recordings) $25

Arek Gulbenkoglu and Adam Sussman - CD-R (The Rhizome Label) $16

Arek Gulbenkoglu – Document 09 CD-R $30

Werner Dafeldecker, Franz Hautzinger, John Tilbury, Sachiko M – Absinth CD (Grob) $16

Michel Chion – Requiem LP (Sub Rosa) $30

James Rushford – Vellus CD (Cajid Media) $25

Thembi Soddell – Intimacy CD (Cajid Media) $17

Thembi Soddell – Instance CD (Cajid Media) $25

Bruce Mowson – Static Tones CD (Cajid Media) $25

Camilla Hannan – More songs about factories CD (Cajid Media) $25

William S. Burroughs – Break Through in the Grey Room Limited LP (Sub Rosa) $35

William S. Burroughs – Break Through in the Grey Room Limited CD (Sub Rosa) $32

Stuart Busby – Radiance and Decay CD-R (Kindling) $16 1 part of the Deadnotes. Recorded out
doors in Victoria and Tasmania.

Son of Ice Woman – Tin Food CD-R $16 Oliver Hextall archival recording in beautiful hand made packaging.

Always – Cruising/Gross Odour 7”(Chapter) $12

Gyaatees – 1 CD (Captain Trip) $20 Japanese group mind party jams

Islaja – Palaa Aurinkoon CD (Fonal) $29

Islaja – Ulual YYY CD (Fonal) $29

Islaja – Meritie CD (Fonal) $29

Kemialiset Ystavat CD (Fonal) $29

Es – Kaikkeuden Dauneus Ja Kasittamattomyys CD (Fonal) $29

Charalambides – Joy Shapes CD (Kranky) $30

Winter Family – Double CD (Sub Rosa) $33

Seefeel – Succour CD (Warp) $20

Rasheed – CD-R (Breakdance the Dawn) $10

Antipan – Live at the Frequency Lab CD-R (Breakdance the Dawn) $10

Zsa Zsa Gabor – CD-R (Angel’s Blood) $10

Drunk Elk cassette (Inverted Crux) $8 Tasmanian Downer rock on Sean Bailey’s Inverted

Lakes – Cloven CD – (RIP society records) $15 CD re-issue of now out of print vinyl release of
last year.

Weave EP CD (Human Ear Music) $16

Patinka Cha Cha CD-R (Albert’s Basement) $15

Vlady Vivaldi CD-R (Albert’s Basement) $16

Extreme Wheeze – CD-R (Albert’s Basement) $14

Primitive Calculators and Friends 1979-1982 – CD (Chapter) $25

Summer Winds Compilation – CD-R $7 Features 19 Australian punk, noise, Gutter Glitter
bands. Summer Winds is a free annual music festival curated by Sean South.

Redd Kross – Born Innocent CD (Frontier) $30 First album from this incredible rock band.
Released back in 1991.

Circle Pit – 7” (RIP Society records) $10 Australian Rock and Roll heros deliver 2 sides of
Sydney filth.

Baby Grandmothers – CD (Subliminal Sounds) $30 Scandinavian Psyche from 67!

Art and Language and the Red Krayola – Corrected Slogans CD (Drag City) $27

David Palliser – Boiled Fog CD $20 Sax, Percussion and Delay by one time member of People
with Chairs up their noses.

Soft Machine – The Soft Machine CD (Water) $30

Soft Machine – Volume 2 CD (Water) $30

Biff Rose – The Thorn in Mrs Rose’s side/Children of Light (Water) $30

Christopher Komeda - Rosemary’s Baby OST CD (Tsunami/First Floor) $28

Peter Joseph Head – Normal Ours CD (Albert’s Basement) $24

Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 1 CD (Subliminal Sounds) $30

Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 2 CD (Subliminal Sounds) $30

Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 3 CD (Subliminal Sounds) $30

Konono No. 1 – Congotronics CD (Crammed discs) $30

Music! The Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv 1900-2000 4CD set with 284 page book. (Wergo) $52
CD1 – Wax Cylinder Recordings (1893-1954)
CD2 - Monophonic Tape Recordings (1951-1974)
CD3 – Stereophonic Tape Recordings (Field) (1967-2000)
CD4 – Stereophonic Tape Recordings (Concert) (1973-2000)

Shakur – Bear Tamer’s Music CD (Sub Rosa) $30 Romanian Gypsy drumming trio. Recorded
in one night.

Night Music of West Sumatra CD (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) $30

Kalimantan Strings CD (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) $30

ESG – A South Bronx Story CD (SoulJazz) $32

Elizabeth Cotten – Freight Train and other North Carolina Folk Songs and Tunes CD
(Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) $30

Mary Lou Williams – Black Christ of the Andes CD (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) $16

Cisco Houston – The Folkways years CD (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) $16

Michael Hurley – Sweetkorn CD (Trikont) $30

Michael Hurley - Armchair Boogie LP (Mississippi records) $30 Reissue of Michael Hurley’s
1971 lp with a new back cover. His 2nd record including hits such as "Werewolf" , "Penguins", "Light Green Fellow". & "Sweedeedee". A long out of print classic. This one wont be around long.

Abner Jay - True Story of Abner Jay LP (Mississippi records) $32 Compilation culled from

Abner's self released Lps & 7"s featuring hits such as "I'm so depressed", "Cocaine", "Vietnam,"&
"The reason young people do drugs". Abner Jay was a one man band singer/songwriter deserving of a wider listening audience than he received in his day. This is the first vinyl release of his material since the 1970's. Great soulful folk & R&B music. LP includes a press photo of Abner, transcriptions of his spoken word pieces, a reproduction of an informative pamphlet about Abner & a press statement penned by Abner himself. Tip on jacket.

Kath Bloom and Loren Connors – Sing the children over/ Sand in my shoe Double CD (Chapter) $28 Incredible 2 album re-issue of incredibly sensitive lyricist supported on guitar by one of the world’s most sensitive guitarists.

Frida Hyvonen – Silence is Wild CD (Chapter) $25

Maher Shalal Hash Baz – Live Aoiheya January 2003 CD (Chapter) $25

Migrating Bird – The songs of Lal Waterson CD (Honest Jon’s) $32 One of the finest
Songwriters, Lal Waterson’s songs covered by the likes of Michael Hurley, James Yorkston,
Victoria Williams, Vashti Bunyan, Richard Youngs, Alasdair Roberts, Lavinia Blackwell and Alex Neilson. Incredible!

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