Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fare thee well, 2008.

Sunshine + Grease news.
Kri$Mas opening hours: Wed 17/12 from 12-5. Thu 18/12 from 12-6, Fri 19/12 from 12-8, featuring Free Choice performance at 6:30 pm! Sat 20/12 from 12-5 Wed 24/12 from 12-5.
Sunshine +Grease will be closed from Kri$mas until Thursday the 8th of January 2009. Thats 2 whole weeks off! What’ll I do? Any ideas, email me on .
I hope to see you in the next week or so. If not, have an amazing break.
Here’s the news...
Lots of awesome (new) second hand stock in right now. Books on cults, conspiracy and underground thought. Lots of vinyl, cds, and great cd-rs and cassettes. Come and buy your grandmother the new Gugg tape or the new Circle Pit 7”that she’s been looking for at Brashs. Kri$mas is upon us and I’ll be opening the shop an extra day this week as well as Wednesday next week. That’s right. I’ll be in Sunshine + Grease on Wednesday as well as Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I wont sleep! Speaking of Friday, At 6:30 Friday night we welcome Free Choice into the foyer for a very special instore! For those of you who don’t know, Free Choice is Jarrod Zlatic from Fabulous Diamonds, on the keys and way out there. He’s been away for some time, so come down for and welcome him back.
Also, Downpat is on the radio over the summer break. Wednesday nights from 10 til Midnight on 3RRR, Get OUT! will replace Dance Cadaverous until the 14th of January, (taking a night off on New Years eve.) It’ll be radio like you’ve never heard before.
Seasons greetings, children!
More opening hours to spend at S+G (see above)
Free Choice instore on Friday 19th at 6:30pm.
New second hand gear as well as lots of new new stuff instore now.
Some new stock.
Cassetes by Gugg, Gauntlet and KristovkristoFFerznon + Chris LG Hill design KKf’sonTee shirt.
Natasha Anderson – Spore CD
Pateras, Baxter, Brown - Live at L’Usine CD
Anthony Guerra and Black Petal releases
Expecting more any day now....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guerra + Mayson Duo at Sunshine + Grease 2pm Saturday 14/12/08

Just as the Out of Space show is winding up at Bus Gallery this weekend, there is more amazing live performance. This Saturday at Sunshine + Grease (In the very same building), a very special instore is taking place. Anthony Guerra, (Antipan, Your intestines, Paper Wings, Black Petal Label boss) is in town and playing a very special show with Rob Mayson, (Grey Daturas, Bone Sherrif, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam) Anthony has been living in Japan for the last 3 years and chances are we wont see him around here for a while after this. If you can’t make this show, he also plays at the Toff on Sunday night at the Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn CD launch at the Toff.
Guerra /Mayson duo - 2 pm start.
Sunshine+Grease – 117 Little Lonsdale st Melbourne.

Alberts Basement & Maximum Arousal present
Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn CD LAUNCH.
Sunday December 14th at the Toff In Town.
Doors 8pm. $10 entry.
Playing Times:
DJ Joe Charles and Josh from 8pm.
8.45pm Scratchplate
9.15pm Witness Girl
9.45pm Anthony Guerra(Japan)
10.30pm Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Look at these weird weeds.


6magik9 - Thank you for being my codeine AKA Untouched beams that have seen music from inside. cd-r $13
Innig - Liminal Chorus of Dawn cd-r $15
6majik9 - kate moss cdr $15
Brothers of the occult sisterhood - Preying in circles cd (on Root Strata from Belgium) $15
Terracid - Out dual vibration cd-r $15
Terracid - Skies cd-r $15
6majik9 – the majik house cdr $15
Rmeaajlimk - Orphans all around us cd-r $15 (Members of Blank Realm and 6magik9)
Blank Realm / 6magik9 Live 2007 cd-r $15

Leighton Craig – 11 easy pieces CD $28
D.N.E (Eugene Carchesio) – 47 songs that humans shouldn’t sing CD $28
Erkim (Luc Ferrari) & Thomas Lehn – Les protorhythmiques CD $28
Tenniscoats – Totemo Aimasho CD $28
Ueno – Sui Gin CD $28
Greg Davis & Jeph Jerman – Ku CD $28
Robin Fox & Clayton Thomas – Substation CD $28

Bulbs – Light ships cd (Freedom to Spend) $20
Green Beret - one and part two cdr (Sabbatical) $16
Absoluten Calfeutrail – Total Scum Materials cdr (Sabbatical) $16
Absoluten Calfeutrail/Blarke Baier – Conflict Resolution Seminar cdr (Sabbatical) $16
Moffarfarah – Little More cdr (Sabbatical) $16
Default Jamerson – Stable Government and Adequate Sanitation cdr (Sabbatical) $16
Aux Assembly – Even cowgirls get dementia cdr (Sabbatical) $16
Bone Sheriff – Moonee Ponds cdr (Sabbatical) $16
Pikelet – Pre-flight jitters cdr (Sabbatical) $16
Chris Smith and Justin Fuller – cd (Sweat Lung) $16
Birchville Cat Motel – The birds call home their dead cd (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon) $20
Whitehorse – Live at Sinkagura,Osaka 29/06/2005. cd(No Cat)$20
Ian Wadley – Three uneasy pieces cd (Sweat Lung) $12
Magnetics - We are the mountains. We are the fields cd (Sweat Lung) $12
Blarke Baier/Bone Sheriff - Split CD cd (Sweat Lung) $12
Justice Yeldham – Crctrix cd (Sweat Lung) $16
Zbigniew Karkowski – Elasticity of Time cd (Raw Special Effects) $18
Terracid – Skies cdr (musicyourmindwillloveyou) $15
A.M – Rag Red Reverie cd (Pseudo Arcana) $18
Pumice – Sexual*Live Recordings cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
Dialling In – Cows in Lye cd (Pseudo Arcana) $18
Temples – Murk cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
CJA – Silent Blood cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
Keijo and the Free Players – Untitled cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
Keijo – Unfolding Emptiness/Decomposing Dawn 2cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $20
Pumice – Spears cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
V/A - A lowtides rising cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
Seht – Communion 3”cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $12
1/3 Octave Band – The system likes you and wants to be your friend cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
The Franciscan Hobbies - At the worlds end cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
Antony Miltion and Anthony Guerra – Paper Wings cdr (Pseudo Arcana/Black Petal) $18
Sam Hamilton and Chris O’Connor - Tidal Dee’s and Harboured Dum’s cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
The Skaters – Gambling in Ohpa’s Shadow cdr (Pseudo Arcana) $16
Peter Wright – The Broken Kawai cdr (The Seedy R label) $16
Matthew Nidek Anthony Guerra – nb cdr (The Seedy R label) $16
Vluba - .... cdr (The Seedy R label) $16
Anla Courtis – Live In LA cdr (The Seedy R label) $16
Tim Caitlin/Jon Mueller - Plates and Wires cd (edition of 300) (Crouton) $28
Tim Caitlin - Slow Twitch cd (Doctor Jim) $20
Tim Caitlin - Radio Ghosts cd (23 Five Incorporated) $25
Bruce Russell - Gilded Splinters cd (Spirit of Orr records) $24
Bixobal zine - No.5 October 2008 $8
Issue contains: Rob Millis’ Talking Machine; Record History and Rip offs, NNCK’s Dave Nuss spends time with the Source, Ond, Michael Griffin remembered by Aaron Gorseth, Tunnel Canary, Assophone Records, Reviews and Classifieds
Hi God People:On the Astral Plane: An incomplete history of Melbourne Underground Gig Fliers Lisa Radford (ed) $35
Screened Out - Jean Baudrillard $20
The Incredible String Band: Gently Tender - Ken Brooks $18
Imaging her erotics - Carolee Schneemann $35
Sacred Bordello - Charlemagne Palestine $35
A place tells a story: An and collective book project (Book and cd)$49
“Place is layer, is fabric. Community is detail, is flux Definition and Identity are never so clear cut.”
Thank you (scalo) - Robert Frank $16
Jean Cocteau and the Testament of Orpheus - Lucien Clergue $40
Phaidon Encyclopaedia of Surrealism – Rene Passeron $17
Made in Mexico – Institute of Contemporary Art $30
You and I - Poems by Leonard Nimoy $8
My sisters hand in mine – The collected works of Jane Bowles $24
Love and Rockets - Los Brothers Hernandez Various Issues from 1984 to 1994 $8 each
Jimbo - Gary Panter Various Issues $8 each
Black Hole - Charles Burns Various issues $10 each
Try – Dennis Cooper $10
Jerk - Dennis Cooper (artwork by Nayland Blake) $12

Ernie Althoff opens Out of Space at Bus Gallery

7 shows to go over the next 2 weeks. Come on down.
Out of Space: A Festival of Performances and Sound Installations starts this THURSDAY! It's at Bus Gallery, 117 Little Lonsdale st. The festival features 23 artists over 2 weeks with nightly performances and daily installations. The opening night is this thursday 4th Dec, 8pm, with the automated contraptions of Ernie Althoff, Robbie Avenaim and Dale Gorfinkel. Bus gallery will literally be out of space, filled with sound sculptures, self-made instruments, contraptions, lasers, musicians and artists and audiovisual wonderment.
OUT OF SPACEFestival of Performances + Sound Installations4-13 December 2008
BUS: 117 Little Lonsdale St Melbourneperformances 8pm sharp, except sunday 3pminstallations+constructions wed-sat 12-5pm$5/10 donation
thurs 4thErnie Althoffwonderment+inventionsSSL: Robbie Avenaim/Dale Gorfinkelprepared vibes+automated percussion
fri 5thChris Nylstochmultiple TVs+electronicsJezzatamplified objects,captured noise
sat 6thRoss Manninglights+electronics+invented contraptionsThe Donkey's Taleexperimental garage ensemble
sun 7th, 3pmRoss Manning/Dale Gorfinkel/Robbie Avenaimcontraptions+automatonsMarco Fusinato/Oren Ambarchimodified guitars+electronics
wed 10thRobin Foxlaptop+lasersDylan Martorellnew selfmade instruments
thurs 11thRiki-Metisse Marlowautomated sound sculpturesLachlan Conn/Michael Priorlight,dope+locked grooves
fri 12thPhilip Samartzis/Rosalind Hall/Arek Gulbenkoglu/Dale Gorfinkel/Natasha Andersonmultiple speakers,laptop,modified saxophone,electronics,objects,giant recorder,percussion
sat 13thNatasha Andersonlatex sound sculptures+giant recorderHelmet Headlive AV duo from outer space