Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Instore performance on Saturday 8/11/08

2pm start on Saturday. Joel Stern, Rosalind Hall, Dale Gorfinkel and Ian Wadley Carnival Band.
Come down for some Hot improv and some cool refreshments.

New gear at Sunshine and Grease from great Australian Labels.

Sunshine + Grease has recently received stock from some truly independant Aussie labels.
They are Trapdoor Tapes, White Circle, Lexicon Devil, Naturestrip, Breakdancethedawn and Musicyourmindwillloveyou. Below, you will also find a listing of very limited and extremely rare quality releases from Australian ex-pat label, Black Petal. Dig.

Recieved yesterday in the mail was a box of very beautifully packaged releases from Japan. The label is Black Petal, run by a bloke named Anthony Guerra, Australian ex-pat, living in Japan for the last few years. If you don’t already know about Anthony and his music, you should. An unique and inventive and adaptable improviser and all round good guy.
Anthony has played with all manner of people over the last 10 years or so, including Dean Roberts, Joel Stern, Oren Ambarchi, Rob Mayson (Grey Daturas), Antony Milton, Peter Blamey, Matt Earle, Adam Sussman. and is going to be in Melbourne later in the year. Look out for show at the Toff.

He started Black Petal 3 or 4 years ago just before he moved to Japan and has released nearly 20 deeply beautiful, heavy, and often demanding releases since. Now at Sunshine & Grease. Please note that all releases are very limited. :

Anthony Guerra – ‘empty kingdoms’
First release on the label... Melancholy dripping from Anthony’s strings as our lonesome Guerra returns from his quest to find all was for naught.

Muura - ‘ scarlet urmine sandstone lady’
Primal vocals, electric guitar, bludgeoning drumkit and analog synthesiser all played simultaneously, recorded direct to cassette deck in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales,. Muura is matt earle, also of stasis duo, x-wave, your intestines, antipan, XnobbqX and more. cdr with beautiful handmade covers.

Antony Milton ‘guitar has strings’
A year without your guitar can seem a lifetime. Psuedo Arcana boss returns from india to his beloved beast and makes this record. simple fucked up guitar figures break through cassette deck mud. we proudly guarantee no flash finger frenzies.. this is raw folk glories and blues for everybody. cdr with handmade covers.

Mattin 'songbook 3'
Post-VU down-strummed trash nihilism and savage intent. werner dafeldecker (autistic daughters, polwechsel, etc) adds his most bloody-minded bass playing on half the tracks, and the other half feature Noid of Vienna on cello. cdr with handmade covers.
Ray Off 'nothing like a ribbon around a parcel'
Jimb Currin presents the new big-band incarnation of Ray Off.. with pamela poppins, katrina thomson and mr tim cornelius (sandoz lab technicians). haunted laments and frazzled insanity in equal doses..beautiful moments to end your night and to destroy your day. cdr with handmade covers.

Vodka sparrows 'death a thousand times over'
late night comedown heaviness for drinkers close to gone. anthony guerra & mark leacy (castings) on electric guitars. cdr with super special cord-bound washi wrapped covers.

dj white pimpernell 'lovedjwhitepimpernellxxx'
black petal debut for the white pimpernell. shit-hot white noise and sick beats mate. a one man tour de (brut) force of drum machine, electronics, electric guitar, shredded voice... and he still manages to pump his fist. djwhitepimpernell is adam sussmann of mosseisley, stasis duo and your intestines. cdr with handpainted covers.

muura 'el dorado'
muura returns on a sombre note. winter music. cdr with handmade covers.
the north sea: 'on the endless golden skyway'
brad rose joins the black petal family, with contributions from valerio cosi. Tender earth-bound songs for hand and hoof eventually grow wings and scramble straight into the core of the sun. cdr with handpainted covers. Very last copies.

the impromptulons 'beat it / beat off'
6 piece improv slop from brisbane featuring mr joel stern and members of such classic brisbane groups as the perfect lovers, no guru and faber castell. apparently born from the mantra of 'everybody solos, nobody solos'; this sounds more like 'everybody is on the one, nobody is on the one'. 3" cdr with handmade covers. Black Petal says this is sold out, so I’d say these2 are the last available.

matt earle 'golden guitar'
sometimes muura just wants to be himself. harshest yet. vocals and acoustic guitar recorded by a dying fire in the murky winter dark of the blue mountains. cdr with special thread-bound covers.

the minerals 'sapphire mind'
a pre-Muura project and the inspiration for 'scarlet urmine sandstone lady'. existentialist robot fucken love blues. strictly limited 3" cdr with reversible cover. now sold out at source (that was fast). please contact eclipse, boa melody bar or warszawa for last copies.

geodesic domes of the eastern seaboard 'viscous '70s magnets multiplied by nothing' (back in stock)
savage fuzz guitar recast into alien dancefloor shapes by one of sydney's best kept secrets. there is only one true gentleman of the guitar: mr peter blamey. 3" cdr. a couple of copies now back in stock.

city people's farmer's music 'afternoon tea' (back in stock)
tender drone damage from nz's finest, sam hamilton and mark sadgrove. drink a cup of the new blood. 3" cdr. a couple of copies back in stock.

muura 'black bird sings'
the brutal (re-)return of muura. in the pounding style of 'scarlet urmine sandstone lady' multiplied by infinity. cdr. out now and selling fast. hooly dooly!

michael rodgers 'curtained moon'
long awaited solo guitar release from mr michael rodgers of broken hands. pure nightime ritual music.. the street enters the house.. and the guitar weaves around the sounds of london which intrude from every window and every door..

paper wings 'ash field'
New! - the paper wings (anthony guerra & antony milton). debut album, following their competition-smashing contribution to Last Visible Dog comp "crows of the world". out now to coincide with mr milton's cancelled european conquest. cd. split release with pseudoarcana.

Trap Door Tapes
Melbourne was recently visited by the mysterious and shitTrapdoor Tapes label. Bands played shows and fortunate minds were blown. I picked up a bunch of stock before Luke flew north. Check out their myspazz if you need any more evidence that the devil is taking his holidays on the Sunshine coast. I’m not really up to speed on a lot of this stuff, and I still haven’t heard them all, so I’m just going to list them.
If you want more info, or want to hear em’come into the shop.
Armpit-Tron 2 cd-r Awesome NZ huffers play the blues.
Arklight-Apmonia-Isonomy-Attunement cd-r
Unique Oil free air - New Stuff cd-r
Hillspirit-Occult of Lambs blood cd-r
Apple in a cathedral – s/t cd-r
Septic Surge – We are cancer cd-r.
Ded Stix cd-r
Mshing-Live at Sedition cd-r
Neckhold – Horse tape
Sun of the sevent sister -290906 tape
Minxxxxxxxxx-Dry dock tape
Shambolic Destiny – Vestigal Limb tape

Lexicon Devil:
F/i – Space Mantra cd
F/i-Blue Star/Merge Parlour cd
F/i-The past darkly/The future lightly. Rare and unreleased 1983-1989 cd
F/i-Why not now?...Alan! cd
F/i-Paradise out here cd
Vibracathedral Orchestra-My gate’s open, tremble by my side cd


Joel Stern-Objects Masks Props
NS3006 - Joel Stern - Objects, Masks, Propsmp3 sample - Dead Lakes (track 6)
Brisbane based but often found wandering throughout Australia and regions far further out, Joel Stern, has been restlessly, compulsively, devising, capturing, constructing this album on and off over the past 6 and a bit years (2001-2008). Created from instrumental debris, snatches of environmental sound (Ethiopia, India, Toowoomba, his lounge room), and a poetic sensitivity for incoherence, Objects.Masks.Props, is the clearest and most potent reflection yet of Joel's musical and artistic approach - somewhere between music concrete, art brut, free noise, cinema, abstraction, and the farmyard..

Toshiya Tsunoda – Scenery of decalcomania
Tarab – Surfacedrift
Loren Chasse – The Footpath

White Circle Records:
John Nixon’s White Circle Records is a cd-r label primarily focused on releasing Nixon related projects.
Just in today:
The Donkey’s Tail- Progression
The Donkey’s Tail-Radio Mix
The Donkey’s Tail-Live Stutter presents at Horse Bazaar
The Donkey’s Tail-Second hand watch
And 2 DVD’s of live Donkey’s Tail performances:
Maximum Arousal presents with Marco Fusinato DVD
Toff and Toff Backwards DVD

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vijay Thiliamuthu instore at Sunshine + Grease FRiDaY 17/10/08

This Friday at Sunshine and Grease. 6pm start.

Vijay Thillamuthu is doing an instore at S+G on Friday at 6pm> > Vijay Thillaimuthu is an experimental musician/filmmaker that has his> roots in free jazz improvisation and esoteric analogue electronics. He> creates a situation whereby anarchic and defunct technologies> democratically combines analogue debris and signal feedback. The> result is an extreme environment of heavy voltage sensory stimulation.> >> >

Sunshine+Grease is at Bus Gallery which is at Lvl 1 of 117 Little> Lonsdale st Melbourne.> Open 12-6 Thu – 12- 8 Fri – 12 – 6 Sat.>