Wednesday, March 31, 2010


April 1. Stained Sheets Launch
April 2. Tim Coster, VDO and Judo Bronze
April 3. Candlesnuffer/Kim Myrh duo, Sean Baxter/Robbie Avenaim duo
April 8. Silk Ears, Acid Casualty and more to be announced
April 10. Candlesnuffer/Kim Myrh duo, Adam Simmons solo
April 15-May 1. Victor Meertens: Charles Ives Singer and his... world. From the archive of V.V. Music...

New stock:

Hermann Nitsch - Eighth Symphony (Tochnit Aleph) $34 Double CD with posters and notes Incredible Orchestral CD.
Henri Chopin - La Plaine des Respirs CD (Tochnit Aleph) $22
Masonna with Runzelstirn and Gurgelstock with Masonna - Clitoris projectile pump action CD (Tochnit Aleph) $22
Machine Gun TV - Cue EP 7" (Tochnit Aleph) $10

Government Alpha: Resolution Of Remembrance 1992-1999 [4CD BOX-SET] $42
yasutoshi yoshida's government alpha project started in 1992 and quickly became one of the leading names in the third generation of japanese noise music. government alpha was characterized by its ferociously intense signature sound. noise fans often speak of a feeling of "pure energy" felt when listening to noise music. few artists consistently embodies this better than government alpha.

audiences in the west first started to take notice when government alpha appeared on the susan lawly "extreme music from japan" compilation and vinyl releases on segerhuva and vinyl communications. but at the same time yasutoshi recorded a series of works released on the cassette format. these were (as often is the case with noise tapes) released in very limited editions. the "resolution of remembrance 1992-1999" box-set is a selection of 62 tracks from these obscure releases in the years 1992 to 1999, released by labels like harbinger sound, mother savage noise productions, hospital productions, utsu tapes, american tapes and of course yoshida's own xerxes imprint. the first cd also includes previously unreleased tracks from 1992/93.

an unstoppable natural flow of soundwaves seemingly unfiltered by human presence, as unpredictable a flow as any natural force. pure noise, not filtered through, but channelled by the musician. let me emphasise how happy i am to see this box set being realised. hopefully it will work as an eye-opener to those who are new to the music of yasutoshi yoshida.

- from tommy carlsson's liner notes
Birchville Cat Motel - Gunpowder Temple of Heaven CD (Pica Disk) $22

Blue Sabbath, Black Cheer - Crows eat the eyes from the leviathans CD (Release the bats) $23
Dolphins into the future - The music of belief CD (Release the bats) $23

Zoo - Trilogi Peradaban CD (Dual Plover/Tenzenmen) $20 Cool Indonesian psychedelic punk album in 3 parts. Mixing contemporary styles with elements of traditional Indo-folk sounds.
Dokaka - Human Interface CD (Dual Plover) $20 88 tracks! Japanese Beatboxer extraordinaire performs multi-tracked songs with his mouth!

A.B.C. Life CD-R $10 Anti-social behaviour recorded in the backstreets of Coburg and Brunswick in 2003 by Carl Von Bamburger and friends.
Rosalind Hall and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang CD $15

The Mops - Psychedelic sounds in Japan CD (World Psychedelia) $30

Ofege - Try And Love CD (Academy) $28
Ofege - Try And Love LP (Academy) $32 This great record was recorded by a bunch of high-school kids in Nigeria in 1973. Really sweet!

Various - Sons of YMA CD (YMA) $28 Great collection of Peruvian garage and instrumental bands from the 1960's.

Cambodia Rocks Vol. 1 CD (Khmer Rocks) $28 Now legendary compilations (Volume's 1 and 2) of Khmer 60's garage and pop.
Cambodia Rocks Vol. 2 CD (Khmer Rocks) $28

Takehisa Kosugi - Catch Wave CD $30 Classic album by ex-Taj Mahal travelling Fluxus artist; came to blow Australian minds a few years back as the director of Merce Cunningham's music committee.

Comus - Song to Comus (The Complete Collection) Double CD (Castle) $35

Kansas City Jammers - Got Good (If you get it) LP + 7" (Void Records) $32

Various - Psych Funk 101 double LP (World Psychedelic Funk Classics) $35

Love Tan 7" (Sweet Rot Records) $12
Dylan Ettinger and the Heat - Smokin' 7"(Notnotfun) $12
Lamps - Neil Bohr was an excellent Ping Pong Player 7"(Dull Knife) $12
Lamps - The role of the dogcatcher in African American Urban Folklore 7" (Fan Death Records) $12
Rosemary Krust 7" (Spleen Coffin) $12
Gummy Stumps - Update from he Nostalgiosphere 7"EP $12

Plenty more new 7"s in store now.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


At Sunshine & Grease (9 QUEENS PARADE CLIFTON HILL) this Friday and Saturday.
5-6 March 2010

Friday 5 March 6pm-11:30

constant singular cinematic screening

Saturday 6 March 4pm - 7pm

panel / workshop

multi=screen installation

stereo sound system

The Rituals of the Captured Moment 1000 movies series is a psychedelic rendition of a culture vomit resulting from an over-information toxicity roller coaster. Sourced from over 400 hours of footage documenting Australia's premier outsider, avant garde and other artists in their natural environments. Brutal noise, psyched-out pop, sincore, improvorama. Experience and memory is interwoven this time tapestry that blurs any line between audience and performer. The strobescopic transition between the hyper signified and the banal carry a severe epilepsy warning. "A kaleidescope adventure"

In a very special event Venting Gallery and Sunshine & Grease will present the five hours of Extreme Cinematic Insanity over two days! On Friday 5th March at 6pm - screening of the first 500 of the 1000 movie series - A cinematic marathon that can be appreciated in part or in its entirety. On Saturday 6th March at 3pm - a forum and workshop will be held with the creators of the Rituals. Nylstoch and Bonnie will talk about the production process of the 1000 films and will engage the audience with the creation of NEW LIVE RITUALS! A unique experience that cannot be missed [but may be repeated...]