Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunshine & Grease is here! Real shop open soon!

Sunshine & Grease is a new store , sharing a home at 117 little Lonsdale st with Bus Gallery.

SG will stock the best of local and imported literature, music and dvd's as well as anything else I feel is worth your attention. I'll be doing new and secondhand, cos' I hate the disposability of culture today and good work has legs. So If you've got things you think I might want, please get in touch. New or second hand. I'll stock anything from bedroom production to Capital records if it's any good.

I'll be stocking underground music: rock, punk folk, jazz, ol'timey blues, hillbilly, 20 & 21C composition, electronic, ethno, pop, noise, outsider musix and just about anything else of substance.

I am also searching for the best in self published books, zines, comics and art catalogues. Once again, please feel free to let me know if you think you've got something to share. I have my eye on a bunch of stuff overseas but have had trouble finding good local gear recently. I know it's out there. As well as this, I'll be stocking quality second hand literature, new fiction and non, art books, politics, etc, and maybe even the odd glossy magazine.

I'll also have some quality dvd and video.

A list of favourites: Films and Directors:

Wicker Man
Come and see
La Grande Bouffe
Bad Santa
Sweet Movie
Holy Mountain
.............................................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Some Writers:

Paul Bowles

Jane Bowles

Charles Bukowski

Jerome Badanes

Dame Darcy


J.G Ballard

Leonora Carrington

Christos Tsiolkas


Some things for sale will be listed here. If you like the look of something, copy and paste it into an email to me. I'll send you my paypal and you can make a payment. Email order first, as I have limited quantities of just about everything. I'll also accept Direct debit if you're in Australia. And I'll keep this blog up and running until I have a website of some description for all of you outside of Melbourne. My email is patap50(at)gmail(dot)com

I'll be more than happy to send stuff overseas, of course.

All prices listed on this blog will be WITHOUT postage.

Postage and handling within Australia is $3.oo for 1 or 2 CDs, , $5 for 3–4 CDs. $3.00 for a DVD, and $3 for a video or zine. Vinyl orders 1–3 LPs will cost you $8. 1–3 x 7" inches will be $3 to anywhere in Australia. International shipping for a CD should be about $5 to anywhere in the world. My intention is to charge good fair shipping rates. Please be patient with me as I'm new at this. Keeping this in mind, these listed postage prices may change once I'm a little the wiser.


So that Beauty shall not perish. Vol. 1 (Antireality) 7" AU$15

A small but passionate collection of mystifying music from around the world, culled from vernacular 78's (and one postage stamp!) of Asia and Africa. Cultures represented are Swahili (Kenya), Kannada (India), esraj music (India), Armenian, Bhutanese, and North Vietnamese.

Alastair Galbraith - Orb (Nextbestway) CD AU$25

Alastair's first album of songs in years. Orb is every bit as good as earlier solo efforts. Alastair's distinct sound (backward tape-looping, home recording techniques, timeless songwriting) is definitely a precurser to the "new w. folk" thing. Deeply intimate mood abounds, as you'd expect. It's immediately apparent that he's as good as ever as the opening track "Here not there" floats around the room like thick smoke. One of the most unique voices in modern music.

Valerio Tricoli - Metaprogramming from within the eye of the storm
(Bowindo Recordings) CD AU$20

"Valerio Tricoli is at the centre of a resurgent Italian interest in the possibilities of electroacoustic sound design and radical improvisation...

Metaprogramming..., a single, 35 minute drift, has an aleatory feel to it, but is in fact an artfully assembled audio environment. A cryptic, two-sided square of card sits inside the jewel case. There's a grainy image, the details hard to make out. Sickly light seeps into the frame from a distant window, but it doesn't penetrate far-we're left with a shadowy space, nameless obstructions strung across it, and, at the centre, a dense smudge which could be someone's head. Listening to "Metaprogramming..." is like exploring this room and it's nameless random contents. There are passages of almost total silence-sporadic, distant rustles, the faintest of evanescent chimes-and then sudden, almost industrial incursions, the aural equivalent of scraping your shins on a lurking chunk of rusty metal.Later in the piece, Tricoli introduces hovering, processed drones, arcane buzzes and shrieks gather in the upper register and the sense of simulated space is opened and shut with disorientating speed, the painstakingly constructed soundstage collapsing in on the listener. Tricoli summons a string of shockwaves from his minimal resources, and by the time it reaches its indeterminate conclusion, "Metaprogramming..." has attained a brooding intensity which borders on the psychedelic."Chris Sharp (The Wire 271 August 2006)

Tricoli recently played 3 nights in Melbourne as part of the MIBEM festival. Solo, and in Collaboration with Sean Baxter (Embers/Pateras,Baxter,brown) and with Passenger of Shit, he shone in all situations. Valerio is also a member of 3/4hadbeeneliminated.

Dimethyl atonal calcine/Shifting position dub redux 7" AU$10

The white label side of this 7 (It has blank labels) ends with one of the best locked grooves I have ever heard. If that aint value enough, both of these tracks are amazing, though the "Shifting position dub redux" on the black side, is a serious slab of wonky strangeness. On real heavy black vinyl.

SNAWKLOR - Quick be the feet that run to mischief (Outer) CD AU$20

“Quick be the feet that run to mischief” mixes elements of field recordings, electronics and live instrumentation

such as trumpet, damaged guitar, analogue synth, recorder (played by Julie Burleigh), home made instruments and junk.

The album sees long time collaborators, Dylan Martorell (Hi-God People) and Nathan Gray tripping through the bush, lost at night, eyes flashing in the shadows from every dark place. A strange sonic world filled with swamps and weird amphibious creatures, huge Lizards stomping through the scrub and birds of colours you’ve never seen before. Prehistoric sounds of a different kind. PO'B

AI YAMAMOTO - Euphonious (Outer) CD AU$15

On Euphonious, Ai creates simple modern pop-scapes. Post Aphex/Eno/Rifle/Kraftwerk ambience.

JEFF MAGNUM - Orange twin field works vol. 1 (Orange Twin) CD AU$15

Orange Twin Field Works Vol. I is a series of musical doors and paths taking you into areas of Bulgaria and the surrounding regions. Recorded and edited by Jeff Mangum, these recordings amazingly transform the listener into feeling as if he or she were on site watching celebrators march down the streets in suits made of bells or winding thru crowds to hear angelic harmonies rising in the distance. The songs are all traditional to the areas in and around Bulgaria and performed by an array of local talent.

Please note that this site is still in production. Please feel free to contact me about anything you see here. There will be more added soon.

J D EMMANUEL - Wizards (Dreamtime Taped sounds, Belgium) LP AU$32

There's a reason why this album has been the object of nerdly desires for years, and the subject of a 2007 reissue. Wizards' 37 minutes contain some of the most delicate, captivating minimal electronic ideas ever put to tape. It is a song cycle containing five parts, each one based upon a cyclical synth pattern along with some form of melody. "Part II: Prayer" builds upon "Part I"'s simple repetition of notes with a more free-form use of sharp synth melody. These two tracks are similar in theme to much of Cluster's Zuckerzeit or parts of Low's second half. That is, it wanders along with other classic kosmiche nebula not missing a beat.The album's three remaining tracks are longer and even more cosmic in spirit. Actually, the more I listen to these longer pieces the less Terry Riley I hear. These parts are more raw than anything the American minimalists recorded, and actually remind me of Conrad Schnitzler's Rot and Blau albums and Klaus Schulz's best work. Emmanuel does an excellent job of humanizing the synth without sacrificing the idea that it is an electronically programmed device. At its best, Wizards can either assist in relaxation as an ambient soundtrack or be the vehicle to whatever conscious voyage you wish to take.It goes without saying that 2007 is a great revival year for Mr. Emmanuel. Still alive and well and living in Texas, Daniel has recently updated his site and has been posting some rare pressings of his work on eBay. The demand for a vinyl reissue of Wizards twenty five years after its release is direct proof of his growing influence on modern spiritual music. He says that a cd reissue is in the works, so those of you without turntables who want a copy won't have to wait much longer. But for now, you must seek out the last remaining copies of the vinyl or play the samples he provides on his website. Either way, Wizards and all of Emmanuel's work is worth your time.
(Population Doug Blogspot)
Screenprinted cover.

J D EMMANUEL - Wizards (North Star Productions) LP AU$35
Original 1982 pressing of the above record.

J D EMMANUEL - Wizards (North Star Productions) CD AU$29

Cd releae of the abve record.

J D EMMANUEL - Rain forest music, Ocean music, Visions of life (North Star Productions) CD AU$29

This complilation is created from the original tapes and LP. The tracks were cut from the original tapes and digitized at 196 hHz/24 bit for the production of this CD.

Synths, processed guitar and processed field recordings of and inspired by nature.

BETA ERKO - I'm ok You're ok (Quecksilber) CD AU$30

Beta Erko features members Anthony Pateras, Martin Ng, Robin Fox an MC Vulk Macedonski. No comparison will do this justice. This is the maddest hip-hop you will ever hear.

CHARLRMAGNE PALESTINE & TONY CONRAD - An aural symbiotic mystery (Sub Rosa) CD $31

On An Aural Symbiotic Mystery, their first-ever issued collaboration from what was their fourth concert together in three decades-- Conrad and Palestine happen upon one of the most inspired releases of either of their careers.


BRION GYSIN - One night at the 1001 (Sub Rosa) CD AU$40

One cd is rare recordings by Brion Gysin himself in his club in Tanger, mid-‘50s, the other is a long monologue about Sufi rituals.


In the mythology of the village of Joujouka, Boujeloud is a half-man/half-goat creature who bears a great resemblance to the ancient god Pan. Each year for a week following the Islamic festival of Aid El Kebir (the Big Feast) the musicians enact the pagan-like ritual of Boujeloud. A man sewn into black goat-skins dances wildly while the musicians play a suite of music to both calm the beast and to scare him away. Joujouka music is played on either small bamboo flutes called liras or on the loud oboe-like rhaita and is backed by their primal drumming. The Masters Musicians utilise circular breathing to play long notes over which the lead pipers play melodies and solos. This CD demonstrates the trance inducing sounds of Joujouka.


JOHN FAHEY - The great Santa Barbara oil slick (Water/Revenant) CD AU$31

In his later years, John Fahey might have given this album a different title – maybe The Great Albatross Hung Around My Neck. Recorded in concert at San Francisco’s Matrix in 1968 and at an undetermined location about a year later, this is the kind of stuff that made Fahey’s music so well loved, and it’s exactly the sort of thing that he spent most of his late career excoriating. I can see why; what artist wants to compete with their own near-perfect early work?


JON APPLETON & DON CHERRY - Human Music (Water) CD AU$31

"This 1969 avant-garde collaboration between trumpeter Don Cherry and electronics pioneer Jon Appleton was originally released on legendary jazz producer Bob Thiele's Flying Dutchman label. Consisting of four compositions with the titles 'Boa,' 'Oba,' 'Abo,' and 'Bao,' Human Music finds Cherry stretching out on various flutes and African percussion instruments in addition to pocket trumpet. Original artwork. Detailed liner notes." Includes two bonus tracks, "Don" and "Jon."

THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS - Bird song Live 1971 (Water) CD AU$31

"Calling the Holy Modal Rounders 'legendary' is an understatement. Peter Stampel, Steve Weber and company were the original 'acid folk rock' band. This 1971 previously unreleased live radio broadcast, captures these wild and wacky visionaries at their peak. Includes their two biggest 'hits' -- 'If You Want to be a Bird' (featured in the Easy Rider movie & soundtrack) and 'Boobs A Lot' (not politically correct, but still very funny). There's also a song by former Rounder and legendary playwright Sam Shepard and a Johnny Otis tune thrown for good measure as well. This expanded seven piece version of The Rounders cover rock, latin, swing and everything in between during this nearly hour long show -- all through a good time, beatnik haze."

BATTIATO - Fetus (Water) CD AU$31

"Fetus is an album beyond all definition. It’s a masterpiece of daring and almost stupid risks that work every single time..... In little more than half-an-hour, Battiato takes us through eight uniquely super-detailed songs that tug at the heart strings as no other experimental record ever could. "

(Julian Cope)

RICHARD BRAUTIGAN - Listening to Richard Brautigan (Collector's choice/Harvest) CD AU$20

Listening to Richard Brautigan began as a spoken-word record album project at Zapple, a subsidiary of The Beatle's Apple Corps Ltd. record label, but was never completed. Resurrected by Harvest Records, it contained poems, anecdotes, and telephones. The effect was an alternative view of Brautigan.

COOLHAVEN - Stromblocque Phantasien (Stora/Freibank) CD AU$20

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - Strawberry Jam (Domino) CD AU$30

MICHAEL YONKERS - The Big Balloon/It's you again 7" (Artschooldropout) AU$10

2 awesome Michael Yonkers tracks on this beaut' 7'' with screenprined artwork by Nathan Gray. Side A's the big balloon comes from 68. (out-take from Micro-Miniature Love sessions) What a year! What a riot of a song! Side B comes from 2004...Yes, well, its a different time, alright, but Yonkers still has IT! Amazing!

FABULOUS DIAMONDS - Self titled (Nervous Jerk) 7" and bonus CD AU$13

Fabulous Diamonds Deliver 5 soupy pop dervishes that hit hard and hang in the air like bong smoke. Recorded in 2006, this one is ltd to 500 copies. If you're in the US, look out for them in June when they tour with Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit

FABULOUS DIAMONDS - 7 songs (Nervous Jerk) CD AU$20

The Fabdime duo of Nisa Venerosa (Percussion & Vocals) and Jarrod Zlatic (Organ, Tape, Delay, Sax, Voice) return with 7 songs, (It's true) More dubby minimal punk monk mantra jams to feel alright to. Great artwork as always.

HI-GOD PEOPLE/DEAD C - Split 12" (Nervous Jerk) LP AU$26

Please note that this site is still in production. Please feel free to contact me about anything you see here. There will be more added soon.


DAVID TOOP - Exotica - Fabricated soundscapes in a real world. AU$15

Although Toop's subject is predominantly that of fabricated soundscapes in a real world, a music which has come to be categorised as exotica, his roots are literary and extend to novelistic cosmographers like Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad and William Burroughs. Toop is erudite, but refreshingly unacademic in the way his texts are interspersed with autobiography, anecdote, interviews and fiction. Bringing imaginative criticism to bear on a range of subjects from the beginnings of ethnic music to Josephine Baker and Yma Sumac, Les Baxter and Martin Denny, Toop succeeds in aligning the concept of the exotic with world music. In a century in which we have grown to be increasingly interiorised, television often providing our point of contact with the external world, so music has come to assume the role of transporting geography into our rooms. In this respect Les Baxter's floridly contrived soundscapes prove central to Toop's thesis, for Baxter was throughout the 1950's to offer his listeners package tours in sound. According to Toop Baxter's music provided 'running excursions for sedentary tourists who wanted to stroll around some taboo urges before lunch, view a pagan ceremony through gaps in the bamboo, go wild in the sun or conjure a demon, all without leaving home stereo comforts in the whitebread suburbs.' Baxter's albums carried titles such as Caribbean moonlight, Jewels of the Sea, Ritual of the Savage and Ports of Pleasure, and by hinting at sexual licentiousness in exotic landscapes, the music was to prove irresistible to a 1950's record buying public.

David Toop is a marvellous guide to the curious, the bizarre, the culted and the durable in 20th century music. His book includes interviews with the eclectic likes of Burt Bacharach, Ornette Coleman, Bill Laswell, Maroumi Hosno and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the renowned Pakistani popular singer. Jeremy Reed

Please note that this site is still in production. Please feel free to contact me about anything you see here. There will be more added soon.