Friday, September 19, 2008

New at Sunshine & Grease 19/09/08

Big shipment from the US arrived last week... More goodness in-store all the time.
For those of you who have not visited, the shop can be found open on Thu 12-6, Fri 12-8 and Sat 12-6 at 117 little Lonsdale st Melbourne (Bus Gallery). Buying and selling new and second hand quality sound, literature and Audio-visual product.

Contact the shop during the above hours on 03 9671 4566. Or email me at I do mail order all over the world and take paypal and all major credit cards except Diners.

Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescaleet -The Breadwinner cd $27 (Erstwhile)
Anthony Pateras and Robin Fox-Flux Compendium cd $27 (Editions Mego)
Anthony Pateras-Chromatophore cd $29 (Tzadik)
Teiji Ito-Watermill cd $29 (Tzadik)
Valerio Tricoli-Metaprogramming from within the eye of the storm cd$20 (BW)The
David Behrman-On the other ocean cd $28 (Lovely Music)
Robert Ashley-Now Eleanor’s idea cd with book $40 (Lovely Music)
Steve Gunn-Sundowner cd $25 (Digitalis Recordings)
Taku Sugimoto-Mienai LP $34 (Weird Forest)
Takehisa Kosugi-Violin Improvisations cd $27 (Lovely Music)
Celer-The everything and the nothing cd $27 (Infraction)
Christian Fennesz-Fennesz plays 10” $22 (Editions Mego)
Schneider-Albertino 12” $25 (Cadenza)
Fairmont-I need medicine 12”EP $24 (Border Community)
Intrusion-Tswana Dub 12” $25 (Echospace)
Subway-Simplex{Gatto Fritto Mix} 12” $24 (Soul Jazz)
Belong-Same Places (slow version) Single sided LP with Savage Pencil engraving on second side $30 (Table of the Elements)
Rick Reed-Dreamz/Blue Polz LP $35 (Elevatorbath)
Gazheart (Rita Ackerman with Dave Nuss) single sided LP with Rita Ackerman etching $35 (Locust)
No-Neck blues band-Intonomancy cd $25 (Sound@1)
No-Neck blues band-Aftypiclipse>for Jazzfinger LP $30 (Sound@1)
Locum-Metal Bird and Horror Bell cd $20 (iiii)
Daniel Beban-The Aldwych cd-r $12 (Silt Loam)
Lukas Simonis-Stots cd $24 (No Label)
Kawabata Makoto-We don’t know where we came from pt. 1 & 2.$35 (Important)
Storm Bugs-Up the Middle Lp $28 (Fusetron)
Dennis Duck-Dennis Duck goes disco double LP $38 (Pooh Bah records)
The Mysterious Thai Record LP $20 (Mississippi records)
Lichens-Omns cd+dvd $30 (Kranky)
QuintetAvant-En Concert á la sale des fétes cd $27 (Editions Mego)
Suarasama-Fajar Di Atas Awan cd $25 (Drag City)
Harry Tausig-Fate is only once and other blues, ragtime, and fingerpicking tunes LP $26 (Tompkins Square)
Richard Crandell-In the flower of our youth solo acoustic guitar $26 (Tompkins Square)
The Legendary Pink Dots-Poppy Variations double LP $38 (Beta-Lactum ring records)
Lau Nau-Nukkuu cd $27 (Locust)
Lau Nau-Nukkuu LP $32 (Locust)
Nalle-The Siren’s wave LP $32 (Locust)
Richard Metzger-Deliverance LP $32 (Locust)
Henry Flynt & the Insurrections-I don’t wanna cd $28 (Locust)
Henry Flynt & Nova Billy double LP $40
Townes Van Zandt-Absolutely Nothing cd $29 (Normal)
Simon Finn-Pass the distance LP $45 (Mayfair Music)
Maya-Y 10”$24 (Discalcula)
Josephine Foster-The Coming Gladness cd $30 (Bo’Weavil)
Josephine Foster-A wolf in sheep’s clothing cd $28 (Locust)
Sun City Girls-You’re never alone with a cigarette cd $28 (Abduction)
Royal Trux-Hand of Glory LP $25 (Drag City)
Stone Harbour-Emerge cd $29 (Lion Productions L.L.C/Hallucinations)
Angel Blood-Mambo Mange LP $30 (Locust)
Xhol-Motherfxxkers GMBH & Co KG LP $42 (Wah Wah)
The Dog Faced Hermans-Mental Blocks for all ages LP $20 (Mississippi records)
The Lollipop Shoppe-Just Colour cd $30 (Rev-Ola)
True Primes/Black Vatican-White hot now wave split 2 ways LP $30 (Locust)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz-Live-1984-85 cd $32 (PSF)
Reiko Kudo-Rice field silently riping in the night cd $24 (Magikick records)
Various Artists, compiled by the Climax Golden Twins-Victorola Favourites-Artefacts from bygone days: first edition HC book + 2 cd. $60 (Dust to Digital)
Various Artists-Thai Beat A Go-Go cd Vol. 2: Groovy 60’s sounds from the land of Smile cd $32
So so many white tigers-Picture disc LP $28 (Weird Forest)
....Also Amazing stuff on Venting Gallery. Just in. Enquiries most welcome. Will list individual items with prices next time. Vital.

Here’s to Love! - A film by Scott Foust $30 (Swill Radio)
The Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda - Ira Cohen $48 (Arthur/Saturnalia)
The films of Kenneth Anger Volume 1 $42 (Fantoma)
The films of Kenneth Anger Volume 2 $42 (Fantoma)
Lichens-Omns cd+DVD $30 (Kranky)
The Holy Modal Rounders...Bound to Lose $28 (Badbird)
Strangers with candy-Season 3 Double DVD $28 (Comedy Central)

Victorola Favourites-Artefacts from bygone days: first edition HC book + 2 cd. $60 (Dust to Digital)
Compiled by the Climax Golden Twins.
My battle of Algiers: A memoir-Ted Morgan HC book. $24
Bixobal #4-Digest Fanzine edited by Eric Lanzilotta. Articles on Stomu Yamashta, Fernando Arrabal, Raymond Dijkstra as well as Akio Suzuki’s diary and loads of reviews. Quality! $6
The Hearing Trumpet-Leonora Carrington (Exact Change) $29
Joseph Cornell’s dreams-Joseph Cornell edited by and with an introduction by Catherine Corman(Exact Change) $28
Just in Time: Poems 1984-94 – Robert Creely (New Directions) $22
Charlemagne Palestine-Sacred Bordello $35
Scar Lover-Harry Crews $16
Feast of Snakes-Harry Crews $16
Sincere apologies to he who emailed me about this the other week. I can’t find the email or your details. Pls contact me asap if you would like me to put these aside for you.

Much more in-store.