Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fare thee well, 2008.

Sunshine + Grease news.
Kri$Mas opening hours: Wed 17/12 from 12-5. Thu 18/12 from 12-6, Fri 19/12 from 12-8, featuring Free Choice performance at 6:30 pm! Sat 20/12 from 12-5 Wed 24/12 from 12-5.
Sunshine +Grease will be closed from Kri$mas until Thursday the 8th of January 2009. Thats 2 whole weeks off! What’ll I do? Any ideas, email me on .
I hope to see you in the next week or so. If not, have an amazing break.
Here’s the news...
Lots of awesome (new) second hand stock in right now. Books on cults, conspiracy and underground thought. Lots of vinyl, cds, and great cd-rs and cassettes. Come and buy your grandmother the new Gugg tape or the new Circle Pit 7”that she’s been looking for at Brashs. Kri$mas is upon us and I’ll be opening the shop an extra day this week as well as Wednesday next week. That’s right. I’ll be in Sunshine + Grease on Wednesday as well as Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I wont sleep! Speaking of Friday, At 6:30 Friday night we welcome Free Choice into the foyer for a very special instore! For those of you who don’t know, Free Choice is Jarrod Zlatic from Fabulous Diamonds, on the keys and way out there. He’s been away for some time, so come down for and welcome him back.
Also, Downpat is on the radio over the summer break. Wednesday nights from 10 til Midnight on 3RRR, Get OUT! will replace Dance Cadaverous until the 14th of January, (taking a night off on New Years eve.) It’ll be radio like you’ve never heard before.
Seasons greetings, children!
More opening hours to spend at S+G (see above)
Free Choice instore on Friday 19th at 6:30pm.
New second hand gear as well as lots of new new stuff instore now.
Some new stock.
Cassetes by Gugg, Gauntlet and KristovkristoFFerznon + Chris LG Hill design KKf’sonTee shirt.
Natasha Anderson – Spore CD
Pateras, Baxter, Brown - Live at L’Usine CD
Anthony Guerra and Black Petal releases
Expecting more any day now....

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