Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello Sunshine,

A big one this week at the shop and away from it.

Tuesday night at Make it up club: Warren Burt (solo electronics and sonic devices) Ryan Jewell (US) (solo percusion and electronics) Slawek Janicki (POLAND) (bass) , Quba Janicki (drums) (POLAND), Andy Sugg and Kris Wanders (saxophones), Tom Fryer (guitar)

And then after midnight, especially for those who didn't make it out:This Tuesday on O'Tomorrow, (Midnight til 2 Wednesday morning) Downpat is joined in the studio by Ryan Jewell for very special on-air performance.From Columbus Ohio USA, Ryan Jewell plays percussion for Pink Reason and Psychedelic Horseshit. Long arms flailing all over the kit like a mad muppet one moment, precise and to the point in the next, Ryan is a great rock drummer as well as an experienced improviser, working with percussion and electronics. Performing solo and in collaboration with many.

From his Bio: "Ryan regularly works as a solo performer in the arenas of very quiet free improv and very loud harsh noise, and is often called to play drums for established free jazz musicians, experimental rock bands, and iconoclastic songwriters. His solo playing encompasses the worlds of free-jazz, electroacoustic composition and far-out noise from a drum kit, an oscillator and a selection of bowed and wind instruments and accessories. In addition to being a perpetual traveler of the US, he also toured extensively in Europe. He was invited to perform at such respected international festivals as the SOWIESO 1 festival in Paris, the Kraak Festival in Brussels, the International Noise Conference in Miami, and SXSW in Austin.

On Thursday, Holy Balm (Sydney) play an instore at Sunshine & Grease. Starts early. 5pm!

Also on Thursday, at 730 pm, at Blindside Gallery, Lvl 7 of the Nicholas building, (Corner of Swanston st and Flinders lane)

I've curated a night for the blindside sound series. Playing in the following order:

Aaron Wallace and Tom Hall (Melb) duo,

The Charles Ives Singers,

Justin Fuller.

JK Fuller and Dell Stewart. Photo by Dell Stewart

Then on Friday, back at Sunshine & Grease, Pink Reason instore. Begins at 6pm.

New shipment of noise records in store now. On various labels. And expecting shipment from Siltbreeze this week.... Will list later!

Also, from the What is Music HQ. An urgent call-out for your participation. Read on:

Dear Bands/Musicians/Soundmakers,Whatismusic festival is presenting a very special large scale event for the 2009 festival - the project is called 50/50. 50 bands in 50 minutes, all set up simultaneously in a single room. Ambitious - yes, crazy - well...yes as well. At the moment we're looking for keen young (and old) go-getters who would like to be a part of the event - if you have gear and a minute's worth of creativity, or even pure derivative hilarity, then we'd like to hear from you!The event will be taking place at the ABC's Iwaki Auditorium Southbank on the 19th of December, and will be recorded and broadcast by Radio National an hour following the gig. A project of such absurd and amusing magnitude has never been attempted on Australian shores, and should prove to be an amazing experience for anyone involved.If you would like to be on the bill, send through a short description of who you are, what you do, and preferably a link to a short soundclip of your work to* and we will endeavour to get back to you ASAP with some more details about locking your group in for the project.Looking very much forward to hearing from you all, and making some ludicrous large-scale history!all the best,Robbie Avenaim & Lloyd Honeybrook*for those of you who don't know Lloyd Honeybrook, he is co-ordinating and assisting the WIM festival with Robbie Avenaim this year, and in charge of the co-ordination for this particular project. Whatisrobbie is still behind the wheel though!

If there's any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me through here, or I think you've all got my number 0402234548. Thanks heaps dudes, much obliged!


So: Tuesday - Make it up Club and O'Tomorrow.

Thur - Holy Balm instore, Blindside sound series.

Fri - Pink Reason instore.

Hope to see you out there.